All payment methods available on our Site are secure and encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

NOTE: The abbreviations of 'https: //' (where 's' means safe) in your browser's address bar and the lock at the top of the page will ensure you are encrypting your data and securing your security. payment.



Method available for all countries.

The bank details provided by you do not circulate on the Internet and will not be stored or registered by MARSOG, LDA.

The amount will be debited from your account at the end of a maximum of 4 days after the order date and payment will be effective upon confirmation of payment center agreement.

The order recipient does not necessarily have to be the credit card holder.

Caution: Why can my credit card be declined? Your card can be declined for one of the following reasons:

    a) The card is expired. Check the expiration date of your card.

    b) The card limit has been reached. Check with your bank if the card did not exceed the amount allowed to make your purchases.

    c) The data entered is not correct. Check that you have filled in all the required fields correctly.

The MARSOG, LDA is not responsible for any fraudulent and unlawful use of credit cards that may be made by third parties at the time of payment of the order.

We will confirm your receipt of your payment by email, beginning the preparation of your order for shipment and to the address indicated.



Method available for all countries.

Make payment by bank transfer to the IBAN / SWIFT provided in the order summary or order confirmation email. 

This payment method is made to a national account (in Portugal).

To facilitate and expedite the shipping process, enter your order number in the "Reason for Transfer" field.

The bank transfer must take place within 5 calendar days from the time you confirm the order.

Send photograph of the transfer receipt to the email:, also indicating the order No.

The order will only be processed after entering the amount in our account.



Payment by PayPal is a simple and secure method used worldwide, regardless of the currency of origin. 

With PayPal, you can pay for items or orders with your credit card without exposing your card numbers. You can add your credit card to your PayPal account so you don't need to enter your card number every time you make a purchase. Just log in with PayPal and quickly, in a few clicks, check out.

Through your PayPal account, you can also view the history of your online transactions 24 hours a day.

For more information on this payment method, visit

Note: If you suspect any anomaly or fraud, we reserve the right to cancel your transaction for security reasons.

All other payment methods are only available for Portugal.

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