Cookies Policy

The cookie is a small text file that, while not collecting personal information that identifies the user, saves on the access device generic information that allows you to use the websites more quickly and efficiently.

Cookies have specific functions, which can last the session of the user or extend after the closing, persistently, according to the function for which they are intended.



Cookies can be:

  • Necessary - generally active only during the session of the user, allowing identification, are essential to the operation of the services provided on the websites;
  • Performance - active during the session of the user, or persistently, in order to improve the performance of the website, through analysis of the way users use it;
  • Functional - active during the session of the user, or persistently, in order to allow the user a more efficient and individualized navigation;
  • Advertising - persistently active but for a limited period of time, in order to collect user information on Internet browsing habits so that the advertisement displayed by the user matches their needs and interests.


All browsers allow the user to accept, reject or delete cookies, in particular by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser, so that the user may, at any time, partially or totally disable the cookies used in the websites.

For more information, consult the instructions and manuals of the browser itself.

About cookies and their use see the following link All About Cookies

However, we inform you that by deactivating cookies, the website may not function properly.

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